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What Course Do I Need?

Please view the list below to find the course that best suits your needs.


I am interested in taking a first aid and CPR/AED course for general interest.  Which one should I take?

If you have a general interest in first aid we recommend the Standard First Aid course.


I am a childcare worker, early child educator, or daycare worker.  What course should I take?

In British Columbia child care workers should take the Child Care First Aid course.  This course is approved in BC by The Community Care Licensing Branch.


I am a new parent or grandparent, and wonder what first aid course would be best for me?

New parents should take either the Child Care First Aid course, or the Standard First Aid course.  Both courses contain content well suited for providing first aid to young children.


I am a worker in industry.  Worksafe BC (WCB) requires first aid on the job site.  What course should I take?

Most workers in British Columbia workplaces require first aid courses approved by WorkSafe BC.  The Workplace Emergency First Aid course is recognized by WorkSafe BC as an equivalent to the Occupational First Aid level one course (OFA-1).


I am a  nursing student.  What course do I need?


I am a working and practicing nurse.  What level of CPR do I need to maintain?

Working nurses are usually required to recertify their CPR annually.  Some employers require CPR-HCP, while others require CPR-C.  Please check with your employer.


I am taking the Vancouver Community College Resident Care Aide program.  What level of first aid and CPR do I require?

The VCC Resident Care Aide program calls for “basic first aid”.  We recommend resident care aides have Standard First Aid / CPR-C certification.


I am taking training to become a BCRPA Fitness Leader.  What course do I require?

BCRPA Fitness Leaders are required to have either Emergency First Aid or Standard First Aid certification, with a minimum of CPR-A.  Where possible we recommend Standard First Aid.


 I am interested in pursuing a career as a police officer, law enforcement officer, or peace officer.  What first aid and CPR training do I require?


 I am interested in a career as a firefighter, or I am a firefighting recruit.  What medical training do I require?

Firefighters require the First Responder course.


I am interested in pursuing a career as a paramedic in BC.  Where do I start?

The starting point to working as a paramedic in British Columbia is the Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) course.


Upcoming Courses:


As emergency health care providers we take our student’s safety very seriously, and all of our classes are delivered in accordance with advice from the Provincial Health Officer, WorkSafe BC and the Canadian Red Cross.  

Some steps we are taking include:

 1) All students must arrive at the school with an appropriate face mask for times where social distancing is not possible.  

2) All students will complete a COVID-19 screening prior to entering the facility.  

3) Class size has been reduced to 9 students per class only, and seating has been spread out to allow for social distancing.  

4) Hand sanitizer will be available in all classroom locations, and a strict facility cleaning schedule will be followed.  

5) First Responder and EMR students must purchase their own stethoscopes (this can be done through a variety of vendors… please contact us if you require assistance).  

6) Classroom activities will be modified, where allowable, to reduce direct student contact.

7) Face shields and gloves will be worn, in addition to face masks, when students are working in direct contact.  These practices will follow current field practice used by paramedics and other emergency health care providers.

We look forward to working with you in the classroom soon.  In the meantime, please continue to take steps to keep yourself, your family and your community safe!


Priority Care First Aid

Upcoming Courses:
First Responder: January 27-31
First Responder: January 27-31
First Responder: January 27-31
First Responder: January 27-31
First Responder: January 27-31
First Responder: January 27-31
First Responder: January 27-31