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First Responder or First Responder Level 3?

I have heard so many different names applied to the First Responder Course.  What is the difference between an FR, a First Responder, an FR 1, FR 2, FR 3, First Responder level 1, First Responder Level 2, First Responder Level 3, First Responder Level I, First Responder Level II, First Responder Level III?   I have heard of First Responder Level 3 with Spinal and AED endorsements.  What is the First Responder Provider Course, or the Canadian Red Cross First Responder Course?

It can be very confusing, can’t it?

The First Responder program in British Columbia started in 1989, to provide a basic level of professional medical care to pre-hospital care patients until the BC Ambulance Service paramedics arrived.

Initially this program provided 3 levels of First Responder.  First Responder Level 1 was a one day course, First Responder Level 2 was a two day course, and First Responder Level 3 was a four day course.  Two endorsements were later added:  a 16 hour Spinal Management endorsement, and a 4 hour AED endorsement.

Over the last few years there has been a movement to simply have one comprehensive level of First Responder care that combines all of these levels.  Certain training agencies have named this combined level First Responder Provider.

At Priority Care First Aid we offer the Canadian Red Cross First Responder Course.  This comprehensive course exceeds the content of the older British Columbia First Responder Level III (3) with Spinal and AED endorsements, and is the course that the vast majority of fire departments in British Columbia now use as their program of choice.  When you complete this course with Priority Care First Aid, which includes your practical provincial licensing exams, you will be more than ready to provide high quality First Responder care!

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